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The World Federation of Investors is an independent, not-for-profit organization whose members are primarily national shareholders' associations. WFI was formed to promote investor education and shareholder advocacy. WFI helps national shareholders associations and investor advocacy groups better serve their members. more
Stockholm, Sweden — 7-9 September, 2017 Stockholm, Sweden

The Swedish Shareholders Association (SARF) will be the host of the WFI general meeting on the 7th, together with the Swedish Foundation for Share Promotion (SFSP). SARF will also be the host of a seminar on Investment Education on 8 September. Cultural Activity mid-day 9 September. Executive Committee meeting evening 6 September.

2016 WFI ANNUAL MEETING - Madrid, Spain
WFI: Celebrating 50 Years of Investor Education and Advocacy Around the World WFI Dinner 2016


November 18-19, Madrid, Spain
Civic Capitalism: Toward a New Relation
with the Investors
WFI Annual Meeting 2016

WFI Directors Roger Ganser, Lars-Erik Forsgårdh, and Frank Koneko telling the WFI story at Civic Capitalism: Toward a New Relation with the Investors in Madrid


Wiesbaden, Germany, November 2016
International Investors' Conference

DSW-Better Finance "International Investors' Conference"
(From Left) Roger Ganser (WFI), Katherine Naherny (USA), Guillaume Prache (Better Finance), Jella Benner-Heinacher (DSW), Kristjan Verbič (VZMD)



Volkswagen AG

German Proceedings and Criminal Inquiries — Volkswagen's conduct has led to a global waive of litigation. This waive also includes the initiation of KapMug proceedings (a German class action). It is important to note that the actual KapMug proceedings have not commenced yet. Currently, the German court has not yet appointed a model case. For that reason, it is still not possible for the other investors (which are not joining in the KapMug proceedings as a party) to register their claims. After the start of the KapMug proceedings, it is expected that it would take years of litigation before a final decision is rendered. This means that the investors' patience to have a decision on their claims will be tested to a maximum. Meanwhile, the German public prosecutors are also investigating the knowledge and involvement of Volkswagen's (former) management within the scheme. This investigation would probably result in even more public facts about Volkswagen's wrongdoing and will further expand the financial exposure of Volkswagen. Nevertheless, Volkswagen keeps denying its liability and rejects taking full responsibility. This conduct is completely in contradiction with Volkswagen's earlier statements in which it was publicly apologizing for its actions, promising to cope with the consequences of the scandal and to restore the trust of the public.

Possibility for Final Closure — Once more the Foundation expresses the need for closure to this case for the benefit of the future of the company and for the compensation of the aggrieved parties. To that end, the Foundation has offered (and is still offering) Volkswagen a reasonable and fair solution by means of reaching a collective settlement, which can be declared binding by the Amsterdam Court of Appeal. In that way the company could address the aftermath of the scandal on a pan European scale. By means of this update, the Board of the Foundation stresses to its (potential) participants that it will continue to represent their interests. The Foundation will proceed with its efforts in achieving full and final closure to this case. With the initiative of the Foundation, Volkswagen could trust that it will find a reliable opponent in reaching a global solution.

Archived info: Better Finance and DSW Join WFI in Volkswagen Claim

Stan Grierson with friends and colleagues in Madrid for WFI Annual Congress.

Former WFI Chairman Lars-Erik Forsgårdh with wife Elizabet and WFI Chairman Roger Ganser with wife Katherine Nahenry at Aktiespararna's 50th anniversary celebration in Stockholm. Dr. Forsgårdh was CEO of Aktiespararna from 1984-2006 and was honored for his success in making it the world's largest investor education organization.

WFI Officers
Active in Regulatory Affairs

Giedrius Steponkus, Lithuanian Investors Association, was appointed a member of the European Banking Authority's (EBA) Banking Stakeholders Group (BSG) to represent financial services users. His term started in April 2016 and will serve for a period of two-and-a-half years. He has joined working groups for "consumer protection", "recovery, resolution and systemic issues" and " payments, digital and Fintech".

Aldo Sicurani, WFI Treasurer
– since 2004 of the Commission Epargnants (Savers' Commission) of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (French Financial Markets Authority)

Roger H. Ganser, WFI Chairman
– from 2013 to 2016 member of Investor Advisory Committee of U.S. Security Exchange Commission
– since 2014 member of Investor Issues Advisory Committee of U.S. Financial Industry National Regulatory Authority


The Spanish Association of Minority Shareholders of Listed Companies (AEMEC) is a non-profit organization which defends and protects the interests of minority shareholders, creating communication channels between listed companies and their shareholders, promoting the effective participation of minority shareholders in the affairs of listed companies and also creating a climate of associative sensitivity that promotes the collective defense of minority shareholders' rights. In this connection, at the AGM of CaixaBank AEMEC defended the interests of CaixaBank's minority shareholders by denouncing the swap transaction between CaixaBank and Criteria. For further information:


Personal investing in equity as a way of forming wealth should be promoted, since it enables individual investors to participate in the growth of business and thereby in the progress of nations and the world economy. Access to their own investment capital in stocks increases individuals' freedom of action and improves their chances of weathering financial difficulties. Private share ownership thus enriches the individual in a number of ways.

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WFI Gala Dinner in Milano, Italy

Perfomers at WFI 2015 Annual Meeting

WFI member Frank Kaneko, Japan, and recording artist Cecile Prakken of Italy, perform at WFI's gala dinner in Milao, Italy.

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